September Carrino 5ft 4in, 120 lbs, 28DDD-25-36

September Carrino was a late developer, her Tits had only reached 28D by the time she left school, and by early 2008, when she was 21 and started modelling, she was 28F. Significant breast growth commenced in late 2009, and by February 2010, she was fitted for a 32G. In June 2010, after bursting a bra, she was refitted as a 32HH. After further development in late 2010, September presented herself for another fitting on 4th February 2011 – revealing herself now to be 32JJ. Recently via September’s Twitter account it has been revealed September has been pregnant, explaining her sudden developments, and is contrary to all the previous statements regarding the issue. In her webcam video #85, a few drops of breast milk can be seen, but she does not seem to have any plan to produce more videos that focus on her lactation.